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What is the benefit of a grounding kit?
Any electrical component requires power and ground to function properly. If you have a stereo system, and have a bad ground, you will get static, bad quality of sound, and poor performance from your system. The same is true for the electrical system of cars, trucks, SUV's and vans. If the electrical system has a bad ground, or a barely adequate ground, you can get lower gas mileage, inefficient spark from your spark plugs and inefficient spark plug wires. When you add a grounding kit like the HKS grounding kit, you add more grounding points to your vehicle to allow your electrical system to function at full capacity, which can make every electrical component operate more efficiently, often increasing horsepower,brightness of headlamp, delivering better gas mileage, and crisper stereo systems!

Will I actually notice a difference?
Absolutely! Grounding kits have been tested by many different sources including magazines which have always shown a power gain. Depending on your application the lowest power gain we have seen was 2 horsepower, and the highest horsepower gain we have been was 16 horsepower. Aside from added horsepower and torque, you will notice every aspect of your car react quicker and more crisp, such as your throttle response. The car or truck will feel as though it wants to pick up speed easier. Another benefit would be noticeably brighter headlight bulbs. In addition, from the moment you start your car or truck, you should notice a smoother idle.

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